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I can help you to find your health insurance for expat:


  • 1. Assisting expats throughout the world to obtain medical insurance cover in Spain and abroad.
  • 2. We can provide Health Insurance Certificates for use with a visa applications for residence in Spain.
  • 3. Contract can be processed on-line and we don’t require you to visit us.
  • 4. Sanitas is Spain’s largest & fastest growing medical insurance company.
  • 5. Sanitas provides instant support with English speaking Doctors and Surgeons.
  • 6. You will have all of your policy documents available in your language.

Advantages of having health insurance

According to the company can be covered Clinics as prestigious as the Ruber Clinics, Hospitals Chiron, Teknon Clinic...



  • Avoid long waiting lists and unbearable social security.
  • Having coverage Emergency abroad.
  • You can choose your consultants and specialists.
  • Power to see a specialist directly without going through the GP.
  • Provide single room with bed for companion.
  • Having a second opinion for diagnosis of a disease.
Simply fill in the form, sign and scan it, send it to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla. and we’ll take care of the rest



Sanitas Más Salud

Is a comprehensive healthcare policy of the highest quality and providing access to the entire Sanitas medical assistance team. It’s designed to cover all your needs in Spain. It has three product options, to enable you to choose the cover that best meets your needs:
  •    Sanitas Más Salud is a product involving no co-payments, for customers who prefer not to make any extra payments for using the policy.
  •    Sanitas Más Salud Plus has a progressive co-payment structure, where you pay nothing for the first six services.
  •    Sanitas Más Salud Óptima has the most affordable premium and a slightly higher co-payment structure.





  • Primary Care

    General medicine, paediatrics, nursing assistance, emergency services...

  • Access to all specialities without restrictions

    Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, orthopaedic traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry...

  • Diagnostic tests

    Clinical tests, ultrasound scans, x-rays, MRI scans, endoscopies, scanning...

  • Therapeutic methods

    Rehabilitation sessions, oncological treatments, respiratory therapies, speech-language therapy sessions, lithotripsy, radiotherapy...

  • Surgical operations

    with or without a stay in hospital.

  • Dental Cover

    Sanitas Dental 21 is included in the product and provides access to all the clinics and dentists in our dental network, with 30 services included in the cover and discounts of up to 21% on all other treatments.

  • Emergency healthcare cover abroad

    Emergency healthcare cover when abroad up to 12.000€ per person per year, so you don’t have to worry about your health when you are away from home.

  • Podology

    6 sessions per year

Have a question? I speak English

Sobre mí

Empresaria y experta en seguros de salud, mi experiencia más valorada es la aprendida por la vida misma, sobre todo tras casi 20 años como agente exclusivo en la compañía Sanitas...

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